SoundOAL Util
Type: Java 7 SE Library
Documentation: Online Javadoc
License: Open Source, LGPL v2.1
Description: OpenAL (JOAL) encapsulation and utility library.

This project is EXPERIMENTAL, and may undergo many changes before the API is finalized.

The purpose of the Black Rook OpenAL Utility library is to extend the OpenAL library's current function, outside of adding encapsulations: sound wave generation and a simulated sound stage.


Contained herein is a set of classes for generating PCM data from abstract waveforms, and a surrogate sound system used for playing back positional audio in a three-dimensional environment. Using the latter, OpenAL doesn't even need to be touched by the programmer at all, in most cases.

It is connected to the Java Sound Programming Interface in order to read multiple file formats and types. Support for additional file types can be added via adding additional Java Sound SPI-compatible decoders to the classpath.

This project is hosted at GitHub for cloning, forking, or perusal.


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