Type: Java 7 SE Library
Documentation: Online Javadoc
License: Open Source, LGPL v2.1
Description: OpenGL (JOGL) object encapsulation library.

This project is EXPERIMENTAL, and may undergo many changes before the API is finalized.

The purpose of the Black Rook OpenGL library is to encapsulate OpenGL's calls (via JOGL) and structures in an object-oriented fashion that makes them easier to work with in Java and provide additional means for easy texture and shader loading and simplifying complex rendering concepts via utility libraries.

This also provides a means for drawing a multi-tier graphics system as well as capturing input.

This library requires the use of third-party libraries. Black Rook Software is not responsible for problems in these libraries.

In order to use this library, you will need to download JOGL and GlueGen and include it in your classpath.


Contained in this release is a series of classes that encapsulate OpenGL functions and objects. It is connected to the Java ImageIO Interface in order to read multiple image file formats and types. Support for additional file types can be added via adding additional Java ImageIO-compatible decoders to the classpath.

This project is hosted at GitHub for cloning, forking, or perusal.


JOGL and GlueGen are maintained by All questions/issues regarding JOGL and GlueGen should be directed to them.

All projects Copyright © 2009-2016 Black Rook Software

All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials are made available under the terms of the GNU Lesser Public License v2.1 which accompanies this distribution, and is available at

A copy of the LGPL should have been included in this release (LICENSE.txt). If it was not, please contact us for a copy, or to notify us of a distribution that has not included it.