Doom Struct
Type: Java 7 SE Library
Documentation: Online Javadoc
License: Open Source, LGPL v2.1
Description: A library that manipulates Doom Engine data structures.
The purpose of the Doom Structure project is to provide a means to read/write data structures in Doom.


  • Reads all Doom map and data structures in Doom, Hexen/ZDoom, or Strife formats. This includes textures, patches, lines, vertices, things, sectors, nodes, palettes, colormaps, text, PNG data, MUS data, flats, blockmaps, reject, and even ENDOOM-type VGA lumps.
  • Contains libraries for predicting game types for maps and Wads.
  • Can read both WAD and PK3 package types, as well as assist in converting between the two.
  • Contains a utility class for converting Doom graphics to standard Java graphics structures.
  • Contains a utility class for visualizing maps for graphic export or rendering to a canvas.
  • Full UDMF parsing/writing support.


Contained in this release is a series of libraries that allow reading, writing, and extracting data in Doom Engine structures, found in the com.blackrook.doom packages.

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This project is hosted at GitHub for cloning, forking, or perusal.


All projects Copyright © 2009-2016 Black Rook Software

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