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Hey, everybody.

In the midst of all these hidden updates and whatnot, two new projects were uploaded to the site! One is a project for making querying SQL results less tedious, and another for writing small command-line utilities.

Take a look, if you are curious.

UPDATE: One of the libraries needs a version of Commons that I neglected to upload. However, the latest Nightly version should be fine until it is uploaded.

UPDATE 2: Version 2.15.0 uploaded. Thanks for waiting!

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Hey, everybody. Just got done with that revamp I posted about. Half a year later and everything gets better!

The sidebar has more stuff on it than last time - mostly due to the splitting of Commons into sibling projects.

All projects have been upgraded to version 2.0, mostly due to the Commons series of libraries changing. If you need the older versions, they're under "Other Downloads" on the right. Nightly (or almost-nightly) builds of the projects are available, too - but I cannot guarantee the stability of the nightlies, programming-wise or structure-wise.

Javadocs of course have been updated as well, and can be found in pretty much the same place as last time.

Okay, that's it! Thanks for your patience!

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After a period of inactivity (with the site, at least), a new project has been put on the site: the Scripting project, which provides a means by which programmers can add a command-based script to their programs. The parsing and interpreter automation is already taken care of, and all that needs to be added by the end-user is what the commands do! What could be simpler (it's probably why we call the language "SimpleScript", but whatever)?

The Commons library has also been updated to version 1.5.0, bringing with it some additional changes and features:

  • Added: Added package info files to the library.
  • Added: "GenericContainer" classes and interfaces for writing simplistic container formats or container handlers.
  • Changed: PNGContainerWriter calls toByteArray() once instead of twice. Should be a tad more efficient, that way.
  • Changed: ComparatorVector and SortedVector no longer rely entirely on compareTo() returning 0 to determine equality. The method equals() is now called before the comparison steps.
  • Changed: ComparatorVector's remove(int) method was RENAMED to removeIndex(int), like the other data structures in Struct. Please change your code accordingly. Deprecation was not an option, since it would not fix anything nor would it encourage current users of the method to change their code.
  • Added: RTimerField to com.blackrook.swing.field. It is a field that acts like a stopwatch. The package contains graphics used by this panel type.
  • Deprecated: com.blackrook.lang: CLexer, CLexerSystem, and CLexerToken have all been deprecated. Please use their updated counterparts in the same package. Current users are encouraged to update their code.
  • Changed: SortedVector's clear() method is now synchronized.
  • Added: Clear() method to ComparatorVector.
  • Added: Clear() method to Scene2D.
  • Added: getAllFlaggedKeys(List out) to ResourceBank.

The Doom Struct project has also been updated to version 1.4.0, though its not as significant as Commons:

  • Added: Added package info files to the library.
  • Fixed: DoomObjectUtils.checkEqual(String, String, String) now tests for INequality, like it should.
  • Changed: Made WadFile.getData(Entry) public.
  • Added: WadFile.getDataAsStream(Entry).