Black Rook now on GitHub Link to this entry.
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Good news, everyone!

Black Rook is now hosted on GitHub! This should make a couple things like support or whatever easier.

Links to each repository can also be found on the sidebar to the right.

Changes to Code and Releases Link to this entry.
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Hello, friends.

In an effort to modernize slightly, all further releases will be called "RELEASE" and each nightly archive will be called "SNAPSHOT", to keep with present-day naming conventions.

Also, curly brace style has been changed to use the ubiquitous Allman style, instead of my admittedly asinine "Spiral" style.

Hopefully, this causes less headaches.

Updates: Fast and Furious Edition Link to this entry.
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Hey, code junkies.

I'm probably going to hold off on announcing big changes to projects for the moment, as I'm currently tweaking the libraries at a rate that would just be weird to keep reporting.

So for now, just watch the Downloads page. Maybe I'll come up with a better way to announce changes in the future.

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes Link to this entry.
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Hey, everybody. Just got done with that revamp I posted about. Half a year later and everything gets better!

The sidebar has more stuff on it than last time - mostly due to the splitting of Commons into sibling projects.

All projects have been upgraded to version 2.0, mostly due to the Commons series of libraries changing. If you need the older versions, they're under "Other Downloads" on the right. Nightly (or almost-nightly) builds of the projects are available, too - but I cannot guarantee the stability of the nightlies, programming-wise or structure-wise.

Javadocs of course have been updated as well, and can be found in pretty much the same place as last time.

Okay, that's it! Thanks for your patience!