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Hey, everybody. I just got done re-installing this site's new framework that I wrote. This will probably make updates a lot easier from now on.

But for now, sleep. See you later!

So a Lot Has Been Happening Link to this entry.
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There are going to be some changes around here, soon. Not terribly huge ones, just some cosmetic and under-the-covers related stuff.

As you can probably tell, the updates have been rather sparse. To tell you the truth, it is because updating this site is a pain. There have been changes to project versions and stuff, but I have not been announcing them.

However, I've been writing some better CMS software for my websites, and this will be updated to that in a while, so I won't have to tear my hair out if I have to edit anything.

Ok, that's all for now - Happy Belated New Year!

Downloads Page and Some Overhauls Link to this entry.
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In case you didn't notice, for the past month or so, I added a new Downloads section to the site. Also the Commons Library received something cool: a way to construct your own waveforms from discrete samples!

Well, I think it's pretty cool... but then again, I'm biased.

Also, several other projects have received updates, and the Online Javadoc system has been changed. So, go exploring!

Changes to Doom Struct

  • Added: Additional methods to ANIMATED and SWITCHES that allow for easier retrieval and manipulation of entry contents.
  • Added: The "WINXMSG" lumps in Hexen are now known as a text lumps.
Changes to Scripting
  • Changed/Added: ControlInterpreters now recognize an INTEGER subtype on Values. Types will promote to higher ones automatically depending on certain conditions.
  • Added: Additional necessary documentation for ControlInterpreter that was missed. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  • Changed: Commands can now have an INTEGER type argument, forcing whole numbers.
Changes to Commons
  • Changed: Lexer.Stream is now protected, not private.
  • Added: com.blackrook.math.WaveFormType for interfacing WaveForm shapes and types.
  • Changed: The enum WaveForm has been changed to use WaveFormType.
  • Added: QMath.cosineInterpolate for cosine interpolation.
  • Added: QMath.cubicInterpolate for cubic interpolation.
  • Added: com.blackrook.math.CustomWaveForm for abstract waveform sampling.
  • Changed: Parser provides better error message for when a token can't be read.
  • Changed: QMath.wrap* methods to be more accurate (and computationally efficient).
  • Added: HashListTable.enqueue() and dequeue(), for treating the lists like queues.
  • Changed: Tweaked the accuracy of the Ticker class.
  • Added: com.blackrook.struct.VectorAbstract for tying together most of the vector types.
  • Changed: ComparatorVector, SortedVector, VolatileList, and HandleVector have been changed dramatically, but still remain the same functionally. Code may need to be changed to conform to the new calls. This adds some much needed consistency to the library.

More Info Added Link to this entry.
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An Info section has been added to the site that details the coding practices and versioning practices that Black Rook uses. Check it out!
Site Launch Link to this entry.
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Black Rook Software has officially been launched, with three projects released to the public, Commons, DataLanguage, and Doom Struct.

Please visit the About section of site, as well as the Contacts section of the site for contact info.