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Hey, all.

A bunch of projects have received updates, but two of the projects have received major ones, and those are Commons and Doom Struct.

Changes to Commons for version 2.10.0 include:

  • Added: AbstractVector.swap(int, int) for swapping the position of two objects in the vector.
  • Added: AbstractVector.shift(int, int) for moving the position of an object in the vector, shifting the positions of the rest of objects if necessary.
  • Added: AbstractVector.shuffle(Random) for shuffling the order of objects in the vector.
  • Added: Common.digest(byte[], String) for other digests. sha1() and md5() now call this method, under the covers.
  • Added: Common.matchWildcardPattern(...) methods for matching DOS/UNIX-like file patterns.
  • Added: Common.setLocal and Common.getLocal for adding thread-specific variables.
  • Added: RMath.roundToNearest(double, double).
  • Added: RMath.getAngularDistanceDegrees/Radians().
  • Added: RMath.getVectorAngleDegrees/Radians().
  • Added: CustomWaveForm.setAmplitude(int).
  • Deprecated: RMath.getVectorAngle(). Use RMath.getVectorAngleDegrees() instead for clarity.
  • Fixed: RMath.getInterpolationFactor(double, double, double) would return NaN if lo and hi were equal. Now it returns 0.0 in this case.
  • Added: Rectangle2D.projectOnto(Tuple2D, Line2D) on Rectangle2D.
  • Added: Rectangle2F projectOnto(Tuple2F, Line2F) on Rectangle2F.
  • Deprecated: com.blackrook.commons.scene in favor of a better spatial hash package.
  • Added: The com.blackrook.commons.spatialhash package, the replacement for the scene package.

Changes to Doom Struct for version 2.6.0 include:

  • Added: Demo, a class that encapsulates Doom automated DEMO data.
  • Added: SoundData, a class that holds digital sound data.
  • Added: DoomWad.addAt(String, int, byte[]) for adding entries at specific indices.
  • Changed: Made some methods in WadFile and WadBuffer private instead of protected.
  • Removed: Vertex.callHexenCompatibilityCheck(), a call that was unnecessary.
  • Removed: A multitude of constructors for DoomMap that didn't need to exist. Sorry, users. You're better off without them, anyway.
  • Changed: A lot of code tweaks and other things in DoomMap.
  • Changed: You can disable any and all export checks in DoomObjectUtils by setting system property "com.blackrook.doom.DoomObjectUtils.disabled" to true.