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Tags: Library, Update

Hey, all. I've updated the Doom library to version 2.5.0, and with it comes some badly-needed fixes:
  • Added: WadBuffer.writeToStream(OutputStream) and WadBuffer.writeToFile(File).
  • Fixed: Exception that occurred when opening a WAD with no entries.
  • Changed: Some additional changes to DoomMap and Animated to return Lists and not AbstractVectors. Little end-user refactoring needs to occur, if any.
  • Added: WadBuffer.set/getType() for assigning/getting WAD type to/from the buffer.
  • Fixed: DoomMap.makeUDMFMap(...) was not reading information properly due to an unresolved NullPointer bug.
  • Fixed: UDMFTable had an important data structure uninitialized in its constructor, meaning that this never worked! Boy, is my face red...
  • Fixed: DoomUtil.intuitGameType(DoomPK3 ...) looked in the wrong places for guessing via sector data.
  • Special Thanks: Ed Cripps, whose spectacular map, "Putrefier," helped me find all of these bugs!