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Tags: Library, Update

Black Rook Commons was updated to version 2.9.0.
  • Fixed: Some documentation weirdness.
  • Fixed: clear()-ing AbstractChainHashes did not reset size. Now it does.
  • Added: Convenience methods to Common for opening buffered readers: openTextStream(InputStream), openTextFile(File), openTextFile(String), and openSystemIn().
  • Added: RMath.gcd(int, int) for finding the greatest common divisor of two numbers.
  • Added: Common.md5(byte[]) and Common.sha1(byte[]) for checksumming.
  • Added: HashedHashMap<K, V> and CaseInsensitiveHashedHashMap<V>, similar to HashedQueueMap<K, V> and CaseInsensitiveHashedQueueMap<V>, except it stores hashes, not queues.
  • Changed: In HashedHashMap, HashedQueueMap, CaseInsensitiveHashedHashMap, and CaseInsensitiveHashedQueueMap, if the last value is removed, the key is removed as well.
  • Added: Common.asBase64(InputStream, char, char) to Common for converting bytes to Base64 strings.
  • Added: Common.secureDelete(File, int) and Common.createJunkFile(File).