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Tags: Library, Update

So I may have done some slight refactoring in the Commons project, and that's going to trickle down into all of the other projects. That means all of the projects were updated, but the major changes happened in Commons:
  • Added: set(...) to Rectangle2F and Rectangle2D. No longer cares about AWT Rectangle classes. Not sure why it did in the first place.
  • Fixed: If CountMap.give(Object, int) resulted in a total of 0 in the map, it would still add the object. Now it doesn't.
  • Deprecated: The com.blackrook.commons.vector and everything in it has been deprecated, due to potential confusion with java.util.Vector and its synchronized methods. Also, "VolatileVector" is a lot to type, compared to "List".
  • Added: The com.blackrook.commons.list package, the replacement for the vector package.