This section contains all of the downloads available on Black Rook Software. This also contains links to third-party applications and resources, should anything here require them.

Be aware that some projects may require other packages for building and/or execution. These are listed in each download section.


Project Page: Commons

Commons Source v2.32.0 RELEASE (2019-04-03)
Commons Javadocs v2.32.0 RELEASE (2019-04-03)
Commons Binaries v2.32.0 RELEASE (2019-04-03)

Common I/O

Project Page: Common I/O

Common I/O Source v2.6.0 RELEASE (2019-04-03)
Common I/O Javadocs v2.6.0 RELEASE (2019-04-03)
Common I/O Binaries v2.6.0 RELEASE (2019-04-03)

Dependencies: Commons

Common Lang

Project Page: Common Lang

Common Lang Source v2.11.0 RELEASE (2019-04-03)
Common Lang Javadocs v2.11.0 RELEASE (2019-04-03)
Common Lang Binaries v2.11.0 RELEASE (2019-04-03)

Dependencies: Commons

Common Swing

Project Page: Common Swing

Common Swing Source v2.7.0 RELEASE (2019-04-03)
Common Swing Javadocs v2.7.0 RELEASE (2019-04-03)
Common Swing Binaries v2.7.0 RELEASE (2019-04-03)

Dependencies: Commons

Common Sync

Project Page: Common Sync

Common Sync Source v2.6.0 RELEASE (2019-04-03)
Common Sync Javadocs v2.6.0 RELEASE (2019-04-03)
Common Sync Binaries v2.6.0 RELEASE (2019-04-03)

DB Utilities

Project Page: DB Utilities

DB Utilities Source v2.5.0 RELEASE (2019-04-03)
DB Utilities Javadocs v2.5.0 RELEASE (2019-04-03)
DB Utilities Binaries v2.5.0 RELEASE (2019-04-03)

Dependencies: Commons


Project Page: DataLanguage

DataLanguage Source v2.5.0 RELEASE (2016-11-23)
DataLanguage Javadocs v2.5.0 RELEASE (2016-11-23)
DataLanguage Binaries v2.5.0 RELEASE (2016-11-23)

Dependencies: Commons, Common Lang

Doom Struct

Project Page: Doom Struct

Doom Struct Source v2.10.5 STABLE (2015-07-02)
Doom Struct Javadocs v2.10.5 STABLE (2015-07-02)
Doom Struct Binaries v2.10.5 STABLE (2015-07-02)

Dependencies: Commons, Common I/O, Common Lang


Project Page: Scripting

Scripting Source v2.2.1 RELEASE (2014-01-28)
Scripting Javadocs v2.2.1 RELEASE (2014-01-28)
Scripting Binaries v2.2.1 RELEASE (2014-01-28)

Dependencies: Commons, Common I/O, Common Lang


Project Page: Utility

Utility Source v2.0.2 RELEASE (2014-12-30)
Utility Javadocs v2.0.2 RELEASE (2014-12-30)
Utility Binaries v2.0.2 RELEASE (2014-12-30)

Dependencies: Commons, Common Lang


Please refer to each project's page for additional information and licensing issues.

Projects on this page Copyright © 2009-2013 Black Rook Software. All rights reserved.


LGPL Clause for LGPL'ed Projects

These programs and the accompanying materials are made available under the terms of the GNU Lesser Public License v2.1 which accompanies this distribution, and is available at

A copy of the permissive license of each project should be included in the releases as "blackrook-license.txt". If any were not, please contact us for a copy, or to notify us of a distribution that has not included one.